What is “PsychTalk”?

All professions have their own language and terminology. Psychology and counseling are no exception. Between theories, concepts, and "mental" hype, the internet is riddled with information. Making sense of it is not as straight forward as a list of steps, symptoms, diagnoses, or criteria. Additionally, much of the information focuses on an "illness vs wellness" model that does not explain, nor help us understand, the human experience outside of pathology. And, understanding is something we all want; the whys and hows.

Given the positive responses I've received to my practical approach and an overwhelming amount of request from clients to do a podcast, I finally took the plunge. Although, the full scope of what I do is beyond the space on this site, or a podcast, there are pieces that are foundational.

In PsychTalk I cover three primary areas:

  • experiences in counseling
  • understanding diagnostics and labels (is it mental or normal?)
  • the practical side of psychological terminology

I often share terminology and research with clients as nuggets to use in reflection and discovery processes. Information that goes beyond "disorder", "therapy", or "treatment". Information that empowers without labeling. That's mainly what this is about.

Understanding is central to the human experience. It is what differentiates us from other animals and part of the reason the internet works - it gives information to fuel understanding. The model I use is a non-diagnostic model. What that means is that I incorporate raw psychological research rather than a system defined prepackaged model. This is not to say that EBPs (evidence-based practices) aren't useful. However, they are the fast-food of mental health whereas comprehensive psychological counseling requires more of a pot-roast approach. A bit more prep work with the separate ingredients and then some extra time to simmer after searing the star of the show... and yes, counseling can feel very much like being in a hot pan of oil. Believe it or not, that can actually be a good thing as long as you stick around for the stewing and chewing.

***This podcast will resume in 2022. Date to be announced by end of March.


APA CITE for podcast:

Lännerholm, V. (Host). (2020). PsychTalk with DrVic. [Audio podcast]. https://drvic.org/psychtalk-w-drvic/