Hi, I’m Vicki!

Been here for a while so it’s about time for a formal intro! I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and Psychologist by doctoral education. “Dr. Vic” was a nickname given by colleagues back when I did my PsyD studies. I’m WGI certified in Choice Theory Psychology as a Reality Therapist.

In 2019 I transitioned from 6+ years in government work (state Deputy Director for Behavioral Health and Chief Clinical Officer) back to private practice. Now, I see clients via telehealth and do some select coaching.

I’m an immigrant from Sweden (30+ years ago). A mom to 2 amazing now-adult-kids, and grandma (Farmor) to 3 brilliant grandkids. I love hockey, humor, music, movies, and anything to do with water. My biggest passion is writing, an area I continue to explore.

I try not to take life’s punches too seriously. Most of my IG Stories reflect my humanity… random ramblings, reflections, and reminiscing.

Otherwise I’m on IG to share expertise gained in studies & work; a unique view having seen the healthcare system at 30Kft, 20yrs of contributing to federal grants, as a professional serving other humans, and being a human navigating life the best I can.

I tend to challenge status quo (not everyone’s cup o tea) and love it when someone's empowered by a new perspective… although not here to be an influencer 😉.

What do I believe?
- Change begins with awareness
- Life can be hard but it doesn’t have to be complicated
- Professional ethics matter: we have a responsibility to provide healthy info (APA/ACA)
- We need understanding not a diagnosis
- Problems mean there’s missing information
- Everyone can impact change (new rules & tools; new life)
- Each person's story is unique
- Statistical comparisons fail us
- Our needs are drivers
- Behaviors are creative attempts to make life work
- Success is relative
- What you seek you will find, what you magnify will become bigger
- There's always another side

You can also check out my website & books. Questions? Feel free to post - I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for visiting, please stick around ❤! Hopefully you’ll find some nuggets to make sense of life’s journey! 🙏

Pics 📷: NOT the many faces of Eve 🤣🥴😁