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Thank you for coming to my site!

I am a Choice Theory Psychologist and Reality Therapist with a passion for understanding why and how we do what we do.

As of January 2019 I made the decision to fully step out on my own and only do what I love, and to enjoy life. I opened up this website and a presence online through social media to share my practice and writing. I am excited for this new independent path and look forward to seeing where it leads.

I see myself as a resource and focus on the power of information in human exchange both in counseling and otherwise. My private practice is now primarily online and I provide counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching. I serve professionals in a variety of fields both internationally and nationally from all walks of life, backgrounds, and faiths. I also enjoy writing about everything from psychological research, life and relationships, news and events, to professional responsibility in public policy & mental health.

I believe in keeping things simple and that life, school, or work should not have to be complicated. I also believe that as professionals in mental health we have a responsibility to provide the best information available without psychopathologizing the human experience. As a Licensed Counselor and a coach, I take a practical approach that is needs-based and solution-focused.

We are not just behaving beings. We are spiritual, neurological, socio-cultural, bio-physiological, feeling and thinking beings. Even creatures of habit. Being human is endlessly fascinating! Each person's story is a movie in the making with heartbreak, triumphs, highs and lows, that we all can relate to if we really try. Our stories can connect us.

My training and experience in counseling go back over twenty years when I began as a part-time peer and faith-based counselor. I’ve also been in the workforce for over thirty years with a wealth of experience in leadership and navigating different types of work from education to government, business, and non-profit.

Although my credentials include assessing and treating psychiatric conditions, I am less interested in diagnostic labels and much more interested in problem-solving and exploring strategies towards making life work for you.

Perhaps you are struggling at work, school, as a student, parent, leader, in a relationship, with new roles or responsibilities, uncertain about your future, or feeling overwhelmed by life itself.

Maybe you have tried everything, and nothing seems to work or you are in search of new directions and not sure where to start.

Well, you have come to the right place.

Whether it seems possible or not right now, everything is subject to change. You can be that change.

Why not let my expertise in psychology and counseling work for you.

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Managing your creative space means recognizing every day opportunities to make a difference. To do what you love and work with what you have towards reaching individual and professional goals.

If you are struggling where you are in your career, in your job, or if there is not a clear match between what you are currently doing and where you want to be, you've come to the right place.

Coaching can help give you an edge, get creative, and back on track!

Meeting Needs

Life Balance

Everyone has needs that evolve around survival, belonging, fun, freedom, and power.

The ability to control some aspect of our life, what we do, and navigate our environment is a critical part of meeting those needs. With competing demands, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and off balance.

While mindfulness, healthy relationships, good diet and exercise are all excellent strategies to maintain balance, understanding why we do what we do and how our needs silently operate behind the scenes can empower us to make different choices.

It is a part of a formula for making life work for you.

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Making It Work

Individual Counseling

Sometimes life can send us into a rut.

We can feel stuck, frustrated, and isolated as if we're just going through the motions of surviving the path we've carved out for ourselves or shuffling the cards we’ve been dealt.

Perhaps it is nothing new and you’ve been trying to fix it, trying to keep your head above water but you feel like you are going crazy and you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel.

Professional counseling can help. Don’t waste another minute trying to go it alone. Reach out today.

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