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At the start of a new year, it can be a coin toss whether to see it as an opportunity or dread more of the same. Believing change is possible can seem impossible. It may even be that taking the turn into a new year holds little meaning to you. Perhaps you’ve made resolutions before or have goals that are no closer now than they were five years ago. There is good news! It doesn’t have to be complicated.
In this book the author takes you on a journey through part of her inner dialogue crossing difficult and stagnant times to impact change in her life. She shares common words and sayings that made a difference for her personally and professionally.
Her underlying message is simple: never discount the power of words, especially the ones you use with yourself. If you think you’ve seen these and know what they mean, it’s time to look again. With 52 weeks in a year, whether it’s January or July, this book challenges you to try something new each week. If you’re tired of the endless “programs”, mental hype, and psychobabble, and you’re ready to do something real, then you don’t want to miss this. Why not chart a new course, one week at a time. This book can show you how.


Since the beginning of time people from all backgrounds have taken “counsel”. Most often it had nothing to do with health or psychiatric problems. From great leaders to artists, to us “everyday” people, we all take counsel in some way. For example, when we talk to a friend and ask for advice, when we go to a guidance office about classes, talk to an accountant about taxes, a mechanic about our car, a real estate agent about homes to buy, or a hairdresser on how to calm that frizz. We turn to the experts or those who know us best. Yet, unlike psychological counseling, nobody has a problem doing any of those.
So, what really happens in counseling when we go for our mental health? Does it mean we’re nuts or is it like any other doctor or counsel? What do we talk about? What should you expect? Should you worry about what you are thinking or feeling? Is it normal or mental?
In this book the author shares the most common topics covered in counseling and some of the psychology behind what we say. She covers topics like motivation, decision-making, transitions, loss, psychological distress, life stressors, and more. She also shares her simplest techniques and secrets to understanding and changing your inner dialogue to work for you. If you have never been to counseling or are wondering what to think about your own thoughts, feelings, and life experiences, this book may have the answers for you!