Whether for counseling or supervision, it is important to be educated about the counselor as well as the services that are going to be provided. The informed consent and disclosure statement is an agreement of understanding about those services and gives permission to deliver them. It is a part of an entry packet of information that is shared to help you make educated decisions about your care. It is revisited as needed throughout the time that services are rendered and you should always feel free to ask questions. (Click Here).



Communicating online or electronically whether via video, text, email, or chat is not always secure. As it pertains to counseling services there are national standards which outline ethical and legal obligations of counselors to maintain confidentiality in electronic information pertaining to you as the client. Standard email is not considered a secure method of communication nor is texting. It is never advisable to communicate personal and private health information using regular email or text. For this reason, I advise using the Client Portal to communicate with me or schedule sessions. Sign up and access to the portal is free and can be accessed at:

iCouch Sign Up

You can also email me and I will send you an invitation to access the portal. The only thing you pay for are the sessions that you purchase and schedule with me as you need to. There are no subscription fees or hidden charges. After you sign up and send me a message I will follow up with the informed consent documents for you to read and sign.


HIPAA - Health Information Privacy, for individuals and professionals

ACA COE American Counseling Association

APA COE  American Psychological Association

Patient rights in therapy - Psychcentral