Who’s The Boss?


This is a quick reminder before Monday hits… If you feel like you are going crazy or like nothing is changing it may be time to consider what Einstein said about insanity:
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results”.

Sometimes when we can’t change our circumstances the only choice is to think differently, say something different, or react in a different way. Now, I know you hear that all the time and I can see the eye-rolls, but listen, there is some logic that we tend to miss and it is up to us to implement it by catching ourselves moment by moment - look at what you are doing every day in your mind.

How much time do you spend thinking thoughts that make it impossible to feel good?

Change doesn’t have to be something external, it can be internal. Sometimes it is right in our backyard. This week if you don’t feel like anything is working and you’ve tried everything try something new – in your mind – refuse to passively listen to what is playing through your thoughts. THAT is just basic neurology. Electrical impulses that play the same old tune.

Take charge of your mind. Show it who’s boss… When the thought comes that plays the same old tune of:

- “Will this ever end”, tell yourself: this has an end and it is going to be ok, then refocus on something you CAN do in that moment and think about things that you enjoy.

- “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this”, tell yourself: I AM going to get through this. I may not have all the answers but I’m looking for them and doing what I can.

- “I always fail”, tell yourself: failure only happens if I quit. I’m not quitting.

Now, remember, it takes at least a few weeks to develop a habit and much longer to make it automatic. So, if you’ve had the same tune playing in your mind for years. Keep redirecting yourself and put yourself on a more positive thought-track starting this week.

If someone you know tries to pull you down the rabbit hole of defeatism, failure, and despair, adopt a new response. Rather than a passive one that nods in agreement and adds fuel to the fire, say something like:

- “I’m not going there … I’m trying to believe the best and am looking for ways to have a more positive outlook”. Then move the conversation to something neutral or forward looking hopes and plans.

Start this week, be determined to do something different, even if it is in your own thoughts and your own home.

Refuse to believe the worst - be determined to believe the best….