Be Determined


I’ve been struggling the past week with the pain of healing. Putting on a mask with exposed areas without skin on my face is beyond excruciating. It hurts to wash my face, to wear glasses, to smile, to talk… The last two of which I love to do. Everything from starting the morning to ending the day take longer than I’d like, hurts, and is frustrating. Finding determination has been difficult. I just want to stay in bed until it is healed.

This morning I woke up with the word “determination” on my mind. It wasn’t a feeling. I didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to. My only options were to move forward in dread or with hope. I reluctantly convinced myself to get up and remind myself that my face will heal, it will change for the better, the pain will stop, and I can’t waste the moments that will come today. I must do something with them, or I’ll regret it. So, I put one foot on the floor, then the other, and headed for coffee… I was determined not to let my face-situation get to me. I told myself what I tell my clients that I CAN do this. I talked myself into it.

Whatever you’re faced with today things will change. No matter what the change is, you can be determined to minimize the bad and maximize the good. Whatever it is, be determined to find a way through...