snow wall

Did you know it can take as little as two weeks to develop a habit? A habit is like a path through the snow or woods. The more we travel that path the easier it becomes to find and access. It can even become the preferred route taken automatically by the brain. Just think of what that means for being in quarantine!

We’ve had to change a lot of things the past couple of months. The things we are doing, thinking, and feeling are all subject to becoming habits. Some we'll want to break and others we'll want to keep.

What this means is that now is probably a good time to take a look at that before we’re in too deep. As we approach the middle of this pandemic ... hopefully the apex, it may be time for all of us to do a check-in and see where we're at on the "stop" or "keep" spectrum of habits.

I recommend taking a week to pay extra attention to and observe what is working and what may be approaching a danger zone if the world were to open up again. It can be anything in our routines. From getting off a regular sleep schedule to too much screen time to diet, or slacking in one of our self-discipline areas.

If you find yourself on shaky ground, then set a plan to back it up one step at a time to get back on track. If it becomes a challenge, then a counselor may be helpful in figuring out the best strategy to make it work for you. American Counseling Association and American Psychological Association have lists of therapists.


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