Be The Break


Well, here it is – Monday. At the sound of the alarm it began to unfold. The pressure. It may even have started late Sunday with your mind formulating a plan of attack. In fact, the only thing harder than facing our own Monday-experience may be thinking about others who are in the boat with us.

We have our goals. We’ve put on our hat of expectations, demands, rules, and assumptions, and set the course – we’re in it to win it and get the job done!

Unfortunately, we are all in that same boat, i.e. Monday, and no one wins unless rowing in the same direction. It doesn't matter whose in charge when the boat is rocking. Instead of fighting the way to a win, why not make take a new approach? Give someone else the break you are looking for.

If someone is not rowing as fast as you’d like or meeting your expectations, maybe it’s time to adjust the sails…

Be the yes… not the no.
Look for solutions instead of barriers.
Be what’s possible.
Overlook a snide remark.
Take time to understand rather than judge.
Acknowledge and validate others... don’t dismiss.
Seek what’s positive.
Listen and hear.
See and observe rather than engage and enrage.
Focus on supporting rather than correcting.
Be an opportunity for someone else to catch their breath.
Be the break.

We all go through something, even if that is called “Monday”. Why not go easy on those in your boat today? Make the journey less stressful for everyone involved. It's ok. It won't hold you back. In fact it may get you to the shore much faster in the long run.