Today Is Your Day


Today is a process. A process that is unfolding one step at a time. Mile after mile. It may seem slow at times and at other times go too fast to keep up. There may be uncertain turns and a bit of rain. There may be no sun shining through at all. Yet whether you move or not, time, space, and life will keep pressing forward. Even shadows exist and move without sunlight. In the darkest of places, the process creeps forward. The ride goes on. Blindly stretching to reach something. Anything, to touch the next day. In search of light. In search of an outcome that maintains its momentum. That keeps its flow and stays alive.

The end of the today will come. The process will succeed. It only rests for a little while until it is time to unfold again. The cycle will continue. The light will come. Time will pass. Right in this very moment you can choose to be a part of it or watch it go by. To pick up the phone. Pick up the pen. Get in the shower. Send in the application. Forgive the guy already. Put down the bottle. Jump on the treadmill. Take that walk. Take the opportunity. Get rid of the clutter. Put down the cake. Call a friend. Call your mother. Say yes to the proposal or no to a compromise. You can choose to settle or choose to move. To follow the process. To trust its power. Just one small step at a time you can reach the end of this day with a smile. Mile after mile… Don’t let it pass you by.