“LIKE”… The Positive Vibe

Drvic hearthands 5-11-2020b

At the beginning of last year, I set out to only do what I love. A few years earlier I had discovered that I was following some old scripts and roles that were not serving me well. I wanted to make a change and quickly. Following this new commitment to myself, I began to challenge everything from work, hobbies, and relationships, even why I was clicking “like” on some posts. Did I really like them or was I clicking for some other reason? Was “liking” about me and what I thought, or about the person who posted? The answer was quick and sharp. I decided it was about the person who posted.

Not only did I need to do what I loved for me but to be supportive of what others loved and shared with me. For me, clicking “like” became a way to show support. To acknowledge that the person was being seen, heard, and it mattered. It was about meaning for them.

In a time when we have little ability to show our affection or support in person, there is no better time than to reflect on why we are doing what we are doing and whether it is serving us or others. Even in the small things.

Although I find myself still going off track on occasion it takes less and less time to pull myself back. Loving, liking, and supporting can become a habit. It’s what I believe the younger generation is referring to as #positivevibes. Something we can all learn and adopt without any expense. It’s just a click away.

Support someone you are connected with today. Not because of what you think but what is important to them. That’s love.