What You CAN Do


I’m finding myself struggling a bit just as everyone is right now. Freedoms and movement are limited. Yet by not forcing those freedoms, by playing by the rules, we are contributing to others well-being and keeping ourselves safe as well. It really is a small sacrifice that we can make in the span of all the years we live.

Making this year count in a very different way is important to help buy time for the scientists and those on the front lines to fight this battle.

It is truly a unique time when the entire world and its populations are in the same proverbial boat. #alonetogether carries significant meaning across the globe but can get lost in the hype. It feels like chaos theory and its butterfly effect is having a reality show. Except we’re not the audience, we’re the actors.

So, there are three things I remind myself of each day:
1. I can only do what I can do.
2. Focus on what is important today.
3. What opportunity do I have today that I’d regret not taking advantage of?

On some days that works just fine. On other days all I can do is breathe and repeat to myself: I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful…

We started the day with sunshine. Such a beautiful day outside. No matter where you are or what you are facing, I hope there is some beautiful light shining through into your day. I hope it reminds you that as long as we do our part, we’ll all come through this and actually be #togethertogether again. We got this. #Yougotthis.

Sending love, peace, and prayers for a safe week for all of us. May the counts ever be decreasing in our favor…