Don’t Dismiss Reminders…

Dismissing Reminders

Frustrated with yourself that you're not doing what you want to do? Have you set reminders in your phone and you keep dismissing them?

Distractions are numerous today between digital media and daily responsibilities.

Here's a reminder to take the opportunity to do something new and make a positive change for yourself. Decide that every time you see a reminder you're not going to dismiss it until you've set a plan in place to achieve it, or you have completed it. Maybe even engage someone to hold you accountable.

The process of change begins with catching yourself in the act of dismissing those reminders and deciding what you're going to do differently next time when you see a reminder pop up, then practice taking action rather than swiping them away.

Remember the brain is not a one-and-done. In other words, as much as you'd like to think it and do it, sometimes the brain needs time to process, apply, or even just integrate something new.

So be kind to yourself today. Give yourself a break and keep doing the best you can every day by intention rather than passivity. But above all being determined to find a way to make things work for you. Today is a new day, set your focus and move forward.😉