Feeling the pressure this week, or maybe in general? It is easy to become discouraged after a long bout of anything… Covid, financial, health, relationship, or any other struggle. We don’t need to be mentally ill to know stress is stressful and that any deviation from the norm, our own personal norm that is, can range from the uncomfortable to the unbearable. Over time it can even become chronic. While we may adapt and get used to the pain of it, that doesn’t mean we like it.

But pressure isn’t necessarily a signal that there is something wrong.

The problem is that there is always pressure with any change and change occurs in one of two ways: iterations or suddenly. The sudden change is only a prequel to the iterations. Either to reorganize or restabilize. Change is also inevitable no matter how we try to control things. And we do. One of the solutions that I want to offer up today is to recognize which stage you are in and refocus.

Research has shown that it isn’t the threat that trips us up it is the uncertainty. Not knowing the “whens” or “hows” or “outcomes”… like whether our effort will matter or if improvement is even possible. So we invest in worry or discouragement in our current situation not realizing that it is just a stage in a process.

If you are finding yourself in that spot of pressure, rather than focus on the pressure, focus on getting to the other side of it. There is another side.

The key is being invested in the process and not the outcome. Focusing on what you can do versus what the situation may mean. Why? Because the process will always move you forward whereas comparing to an outcome may not. It may keep you stuck between two points. If you are feeling pressure, it’s because you are in the middle of something. The brain likes things to be easy and we can compromise that by trying to figure things out when we don’t have all the information yet.

This week why not be determined to overlook the current trials and focus on the process of getting to a better space; emotionally, physically, and even in your thinking. Look for what works. What can you do today, this week? There is always something, even if is to refocus and look for what inspires you rather than what brings more pressure. If nothing else, it will take the mental pressure off and give your brain a break. With less stress, self-imposed or otherwise, it gives the brain greater range in problem-solving and emotional bandwidth. Something that your body will also appreciate because less of the harmful stress hormones will be circulating in your system …

In other words, being discouraged may be bad for your health. So, take the pressure off and find what encourages you. Be determined. 😉