Hope. Do you have it? Have you lost it? How can you get some?

Hope can mean a couple of different things. We use it to challenge the future, “I sure hope so!” or to set stake in it “I’m putting my hope in that”. One leaves us looking for the other shoe to drop and the other as a stepping stone over life’s messes.

Too often we get tripped up by hope. We think of it as something that happens to us, that it requires a sign, or even as something exclusively religious. We wait for it and make comparisons between us, others, or an ideal against reality. We put a time limit on it, “if it hasn’t happened by now…”.

Surprisingly, we can’t lose hope but, we can give up on it. We set contingencies and misplace it. We give our power of hope away to what we see and feel in the moment. But hope doesn’t live there. It is a form of trust. An intent to believe that something IS possible.

Hope is an intrinsic power and an essential ingredient to good mental health. Hope is not an outcome. It exists before anything ever happens. It is a process we embrace as we keep pressing forward towards something unseen.

Want more hope? Be determined to look forward to something, pick anything. This week, even today. It doesn’t have to be existential. Maybe it is finding a quiet space away from the noise, connecting with someone, watching your favorite show, or what you will do when pandemic restrictions lift.

Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, look for the good... Even the small stuff. Start early in the morning then think about it and talk about it. Decide what to put your hope in then use it as your daily carrot to keep running the life’s race. Nothing is permanent, especially not today. Hold on to the good and let go of the bad. Hope. 😉