New Year’s Resolution Word

For many years I’ve had a word that represented each year. Something that seemed to stand out for me to follow throughout the new year. Not a goal or resolution but something to take me to a goal and remind me what the year is all about in my life’s journey. In most recent years I have processed through the words, imagine, freedom, simplify. For 2020 the word that has been running through everyone’s mind is VISION. I don’t know that it is my word. Usually I know by the close of the year what it will be for the next. It is often a word that has kept popping up for me in various places throughout the year. This year I am a bit lost. I don’t have a word. Nothing has popped. Even when I intentionally sit down and try to think of one there are only a few that come to mind and they just feel ‘made up’ and not like a sign of sorts. The words I’m playing with are: authenticity, mindful, stand, present, believe… yet none of them seem to fit like others that have come before. Could there be more than one word in a year? Are you searching for a word for the year? Searching for something that will guide you each day? I’d love to hear what it is and any impact or significance a “word” has had for you in previous years whether tied to a resolution or goal.


March update: My word this year - BELIEVE.