When The Unexpected Comes…


… 3, 4, 5, 6 …. SNOOZE!

No, I’m not counting sheep.

I have been hitting snooze on my regular routine for about a month. What I intended to accomplish remained an intent and never made it into an action.

I’m OK with that and I understand the “why” behind it. However, I also recognize that I could have done better. Even when I’d like to dismiss it as “it is OK to take a break”, when being honest with myself I’ve been taking on more than I can process. Extra work, family illness, getting a new office set up… none of which was planned or expected and certainly some of which I could have prioritized better.

In reflection, when the unexpected came along I lost my footing. This isn’t something new. It happens to the best of us. It is often what I find clients battling with as well. Something comes out of left field and knocks us completely out of the ballpark. It takes a while to recover and restabilize. Sometimes the blow is harder than we realize at the time.

Still there is a level of disappointment. A sense of time wasted. I’m wondering if its more about not being able to count on myself to stay on task regardless of added responsibility or that I set an expectation that was ill-timed or ill-equipped?

As always, rather than kick myself I ask what I could have done differently. What could have kept me on track?

The question can have many answers but mainly it is acceptance that it was probably humanly impossible to keep up with it all. Regardless, I am resolved to starting fresh. I feel like the turbulence has passed and I’m on solid ground again. It is time to move forward. Kick off the dust and get back up.

The good news is that I have been meeting my one goal of getting some needed rest. As with all resolutions they take time, effort, evaluation, and re-calibration. Rinse and repeat...

Change is a process not a destination. Some days it is two steps forward and one step back but as long as we keep moving in the right direction, we will eventually meet our goal.

So, I’m re-calibrating and want to encourage you as well.

If you are finding yourself at a point of being stuck or going through something unexpected, give yourself time. Try to refocus your lens for a clear picture then reset the course and take one step at a time.

Get rid of the noise of those things that don’t really matter and focus on where you are headed. There will always be something that crosses your path and demands attention. Evaluate whether it is worth stopping for but don’t change your course. Whether it is days, hours, or four weeks later you will find yourself on the other side of it.

Let the storm pass then pack up and head back out.

Life and success are about not giving up. Trust the process and do what you know. Sometimes every step must be counted as a success until you arrive at your destination.